Your Site - What we can do for you

We will listen to what you, the client, wants on your website.

Your Business

A website is a useful information tool that will enhance your business. It will give you a presence on the world wide web where your existing and potential customers can learn more about your Company's products and services.

As well as detailing your Company's services and products, your website can deal with the most popular enquiries that your staff have to answer on your office phone - for example your business opening hours or how to find your premises. This saves your Company precious time and allows your customers to leisurely browse among your business information pages while they are visiting your website.

Your club or society

You may be a member of a local Club or Society that would like to share their news on the internet with those who have an interest in what you do. Tell them your news or all about your activities with an information website - visit our prices page for more information.

Whether you want to publish weekly results for your local football or pool team or announce exhibitions for your Community Artists Club, then you can take advantage of our various website maintenance packages. Wallace Web Design would post your updates as requested by you according to the terms of the maintenance package you buy.

Personal Web Page

We will design and implement personal websites incorporating your ideas - get in touch and we can help your imagination take shape on the internet!

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